Conrad Industries, Inc. (CI) of Chehalis, Washington and Kleenair Products Company of Clackamas, Oregon, have jointly developed the Advanced Recycling Technology (ART) for commercial use in converting organic based waste materials into gas, oil and carbon char products. This Advanced Recycling Technology is the culmination of many years of research and development from the processing of numerous feedstocks, including tires and plastics. CI's plant, located in Chehalis WA, is a fully permitted facility which operates well below all regulatory emission limits. The facility has operational 24 ton per day and 3 ton per day systems.

The ART system can increase the quantity and variety of post-consumer plastics and tires recycled in the United States and worldwide. Advanced recycling is seen by the plastic and tire industries as an important element of an integrated solid waste management system that will contribute to reduction of landfill-disposed material and the conservation of natural resources.

Our experience in this advanced recycling technology is extensive and makes us a world leader in this technology.

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